The Benefits of Solar

Everyone knows that solar energy is clean and good for the environment. But how much of a difference does solar energy make on the environment compared to other forms of energy? In this article, we’ll list out all the environmental benefits of solar energy.


Solar Energy is Infinite and Free

As long as the sun is still shining in the sky, solar power will be produced. Electricity generated by solar is infinite and emission free. Unfortunately, the most common method of producing energy is by burning fossil fuels. Currently fossil fuels are obtained through mining and drilling into the Earth. These methods harm local environments in forms of deforestation, erosion, contamination, and alteration of soil and local water systems, as well as lowered air quality¹. Fossil fuels also take millions of years to form, making them a limited resource on Earth.


Solar Reduces Emissions

Reducing emissions is one of the most important environmental benefits of solar. Going solar reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. When companies burn fossil fuels for energy, greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) are released into the atmosphere. Whereas solar energy produces zero emissions. Increased amounts of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere contribute to the rise of global temperatures. And we all know that the rise of global temperatures leads to global warming or climate change. By going solar, you reduce the demand for fossil fuels, limiting the amount of emissions released into our atmosphere. Solar can help slow down climate change and keep Earth livable for future generations.


Solar Improves Health

Who knew solar could also improve your physical health? Because solar results in very few air pollutants, air quality can improve. Improved air quality can help those with chronic respiratory illnesses. And can prevent respiratory and cardiovascular issues in the future. Implementing clean energy such as solar, wind turbines, and hydropower can create a cleaner and healthier planet for future generations.


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